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Empowered Belly Birth means to have access to knowledge, information that helps you to make informed decisions about your health, safety & wellbeing.

 We are here to

⭐️ educate about all things Cesarean

⭐️ improve awareness about cesarean prehab & rehab

⭐️ empower you to make better decision

⭐️ help you to safely return to exercise

Every woman, in our opinion, should have access to the care they require in order to feel comfortable in their skin. We believe all mothers and women should receive physical therapy as part of their standard of care during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

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Free Hospital Bag Checklist

Download this handy checklist to ensure when the big day arrives, you'll have everything you need.

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BellyBirth Box

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Freebie Guide For Belly Birth Mamas

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Not Sure Where To Start?

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Prenatal & Postnatal Care

The program will give you the tools, support, and knowledge to ensure a positive and empowered birth no matter how your baby is born. Prenatal support for moms-to-be to help prepare the core and pelvic floor for birth. Postpartum that eases women into recovery after childbirth and strengthens the core and pelvic floor.

Belly Birth Courses

In our series of online courses about belly birth, you'll learn important information about this procedure in a comfortable, easy-to-understand, and relatable way. By the end of these courses, participants will be informed and comforted in the knowledge that a cesarean birth can be an enjoyable, family-centered experience.


If you’re preparing for a caesarean birth, you deserve birth education that informs and empowers you. Our Education Guides will provide you with the confidence to make an informed cesarean decision and support you in advocating for your birth preference during surgery. 

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